Here's How Two People Live in 200 Square Feet


When Rebekah Carey first suggested to her partner, Alex McNall, that they move into the garage behind her grandmother's Berkeley home, he thought she was crazy. But slowly but surely he began to come around to the idea. Moving would mean getting to spend more time with Rebekah's grandma, and gaining a backyard for their three dogs to run around in. So they took the plunge, and set about turning this very small (only 10 by 20 feet) space into a home.

The biggest space hog in pretty much any small apartment is the bed. There are lots of ways to work around this, but the one that Rebekah and Alex chose is a Murphy bed, which folds up when not in use. The Murphy bed, which was built by Rebekah's dad, occupies one wall of their little home, and the rest of that wall is occupied by a cabinet that conceals all their clothes, with storage above.

Two IKEA shelves with a cushion above serve as a couch, while baskets that fit into the cubbies in the shelves provide extra storage. Next to the shelves is a compact kitchen unit and small refrigerator.

A vintage folding table (it's on the bottom left in the photos above) also conceals four chairs, and when the whole thing is folded out, next to the couch, there's more than enough space for a dinner party for six people — proof that living in a small space doesn't mean you can't entertain.

This little space has a great story too. The transformation from garage to small house was achieved using almost exclusively reclaimed materials, and most of the furniture is vintage, too. Read more about it, and see more photos, at Domino.

(Image credits: Domino)