HGTV Design Star: The Final Three Go Home

HGTV Design Star: The Final Three Go Home

Its been a long—somewhat underwhelming—journey, but last night HGTV's Design Star narrowed the finalists down to two after a tear-jerking challenge that had the final three designers flying home to redesign a room in their own family member's home. Whose family loved their makeover and who had their show cancelled? More after the break...

Each designer flew solo this episode and really got to show off their hosting chops. With three days, $10,000 and the assistance of a carpenter, the final three designers attempted to recreate a room for the toughest clients: their families.

Jennifer used her signature painted wall graphics to warm up her sister's living/dining room and we think the transformation was lovely—though we're not sure about covering up those hardwood floors with carpet. Wouldn't a couple of nice rugs have done just fine?

Matt's task was to covert his mother's garage-like craft room into a more refined game room/craft room that adults could enjoy. He pulled out all the stops on the carpentry end—building an "elegant solution" moveable wall to conceal a kiln—but fell a little short on the furnishings. His furniture choices were a bit heavy in our opinion, but the curtains covering the storage wall were lovely. Also, how OK was his mom with losing all of her extra counter space?

Trish took on her parent's large living room and the task of finding a non-hideous, comfy recliner for her dad. We thought this room looked finished and believable—the kind of space that real people without interior decorators live in, but maybe not the kind of space that earns someone their own show on HGTV. Even though her family loved the space (and her dad loved his chair) Trish went home for good last night.

And then there were two. How do you feel about the final two? Who are you planning to vote for? We'll have an interview with Matt right here on AT Boston next week! More on last night's episode, including the before pictures,right here.

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