Hidden Printer-Paper Storage from IKEA Magazine Racks

Some things are just notoriously difficult to store. Like printer paper. You want to have a bunch easily available on-hand, but it's sort of unsightly to keep wrapped reams of paper sitting out for all to see. So what do you do? Build a hidden paper storage rack right underneath your desktop, obviously.

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Using a set of two of IKEA's KNUFF wooden magazine files (they come in a pack of 2 for $9.99), and a few pieces of hardware, this creative dweller crafted a cradle for his 11"x17" paper stash.

Over at Ikea Hackers, Vinny shows us ow he removed the small front panel from each file and fastened them together to create one large file. Then, it was fastened to the underside of his VIAK AMON desk top, where it's hidden from view at eye-level.

Vinny used screws and some leftover MALM hardware, but you could get yours together with some wood glue instead.

If you have any creative ways to store printer paper in your own home office, tell us in the comments!

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via Ikea Hackers

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