Hide Your Printer in a Dresser Drawer

PB&J Stories

Nothing quite messes with the aesthetic of a carefully curated workspace like a big, bulky printer erupting with a mass of cable spaghetti. Many dwellers decide to hide them in spare closets, but what do you do when your office is a multi-purpose space, like a bedroom? Take a cue from Pamela and hide it inside an IKEA dresser drawer!Since Pamela's office area is inside her master bedroom, she decided that her boxy white wireless printer needed to find a home where it could be tucked away from her modern decor. After one look at her IKEA Hemmes' empty dresser drawers, a clever DIY project was born.
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By removing the front panel of one of her dresser's bottom drawers and re-attaching it with hardware store hinges, Pamela was able to create a well-functioning printer cubby that hides away inside her bedroom furniture unnoticed. The printer's power cord sneaks out from a hole drilled in the back of the drawer.

If you want to check out details from the whole project (and plenty more photos), check out Pamela's blog, PB&J Stories.

(Images: PB&J Stories)