Hiding a Phone Charger in Plain Sight

Hiding a Phone Charger in Plain Sight

Jason Loper
Jul 7, 2010

As someone who would forget his head if it wasn't attached, it's crucial that I have my phone charging near the front door. However, I don't want an unsightly jumble of cord to be the first thing you see when entering my apartment. After the jump, see how I found a way to hide the phone charger cord.

Using a cord tie that came with an IKEA accessories kit, I attached the cell phone charger to the back of my entry table. When I need to charge my phone, I pull the tip of the cord up a little and attach it to my phone. There's an electrical outlet under this table, which means I have a lot of excess cord. By using a twist tie to manage the excess cord, it's barely noticeable under the table.

When not in use, the cord slips back behind the table, held in place by the cord tie. It's like having a retractable cord!

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