(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
I appreciate the Frank Sinatra song referencing an ant's attempt to move a rubber tree plant — but I'm living with an infestation that could probably move a sofa if they set their minds to it! The heat and the desert here in Saudi adds a variety of ants (large and small) that defiantly resist eradication efforts. As I watch a trail of them march across my marble floor, I cannot help but hope that someone out there can help!

I have little grey ants and huge black ants — and apparently carpenter ants — all infesting my house right now. I've tried the local solution (Pif Paf) and Raid ant baits and even swabbing the floor with vinegar to no avail — these ants have nine lives at least! Though I would prefer an eco friendly solution, at this point I'll take anything that gets rid of these hideous pests (I have no pets or kids in the house). Can anyone help me rid my house of this plague of creepy crawlies? I've gotten to the point where I can't sit in my living room without feeling them crawling on me!