Maxwell's Top Flatware Picks: Very High to Very Low

Best Flatware 2014

Clockwise from top left: Dubost Olive Wood, Restoration Hardware, Wallace Silversmiths, Tablee, Magnum and Canvas Home.

Replacing the tools you eat with is not only a practical upgrade, it's a super satisfying way to make a big statement on your table (Check out my Top Dinnerware Picks here). Your flatware is a utilitarian expression of who you are. If you've been thinking about trading up your old flatware or getting everything to match again, this post, with an array of finds, is for you.

Tip #1 - Buy the best you can afford and keep it for a long time.

Tip #2 - Only buy/have one set of everyday flatware that you LOVE. If it's great for you, it's going to be great for company.


Chambly Silver Baguette

Wallace Silversmiths Hammered Gold


  • Don Wallance - 1968
  • 5 Pcs for $145
  • Canoe

David Mellor Chelsea

Gio Ponti Sambonet in Matte

Alessi LCD02
  • Castiglioni Pier Giacomo, et al - 1930's
  • 5 Pcs. for $100
  • Alessi Shop


KnifeForkSpoon Set
  • Jasper Morrison - 2004
  • 5 Pieces for $46.40
  • Amazon

4. LOW

IKEA's Svit
  • 20 Pcs. for $40

CB2's Aviation
  • 20 Pcs for $60


Note to readers: I updated this post with all links and choices and made additions to my selections last year, but kept many of the great comments, which you'll see down below because I thought they were helpful.

(Image credits: Maxwell Ryan; Chambly; Wallace Silversmiths; Canoe; Heath; Williams-Sonoma; Heath; OK LA; Didriks; Alessi;; Canvas; Kate Spade; Sur la table; Crate and Barrel; West Elm; IKEA; Crate and Barrel; CB2; Joanne Hudson)