High & Low: Home Office Furniture

High & Low: Home Office Furniture

Jason Yang
Feb 8, 2012

You don't need to be Mr. Money Bags to afford stylish home office furniture. Whether you're straight out of college with hardly any funds, a must-have-design-at-any-cost, or somewhere in between, there are lots of options when it comes to outfitting your home office with the basics - a desk to write on (or compute) and a chair to plop our behinds. We explore some great options for both ends of the spectrum.

Okay, so we're not talking Hellman-Chang money for the high end, but let's say our high budget is perhaps a grand and low is a few hundred. What kind of options do we have for setting up our new home office?


High: We love the Crate & Barrel Strut Work Table ($799) (shown at left above) so much so that we use it ourselves. Its huge glass surface floating on an angular wood frame is great for that minimalist look. We're also digging the Blue Lounge StudioDesk XL ($599.95) for its Herman Miller on a budget look. For a true classic we'd jump to the George Nelson Swag Leg Desk (1,949).
Low: The Ikea Besta Burs ($269) (shown at right above) is a popular choice among Apartment Therapy readers and writers, and its long length makes it suitable for two as well.


High: The Herman Miller Aeron (from $600) (shown above right) has been an iconic work chair for generations. With its focus on ergonomics creating a visual aesthetic that has long been copied. Get a true original with an Eames Management chair ($1,839) but boy is it expensive, especially when you consider the alternatives.
Low: You could pop into any office supply or cheap furniture store and find yourself an "ergonomic" office chair. Chances are the cheap plastic bits and construction will fail soon enough. But for a couple of hundred you can actually get yourself a decently comfortable chair. For example a Tempur-Pedic mesh chair ($280) provides great comfort and support for those long hours you're likely to be sitting in one spot. If you don't mind knockoff designer furniture, you can always try an AG Management Chair ($219) (above left) for the classic Eames look at a fraction of the price.

Images: Crate & Barrel, Ikea, AG Management, Herman Miller

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