High Point Highlights: Fresh & Fashionable Designer Collaborations at Hickory Chair

High Point Market Fall 2012


Susan Hable of Hable Construction at Hickory Chair

Without question, Hickory Chair makes gorgeous furniture; it's beautifully crafted from quality materials. This level of careful workmanship sometimes rings an alarm signaling an overly conservative design aesthetic, but not at Hickory. They are fresh and fashionable - take a look at two of their current design collaborations to see what I mean...

Hable Construction got its start in the late nineties and quickly became known for their fabulous patterns applied to quality materials. It's not surprising that Hickory and Hable felt a kinship - while the light, bright, highly artistic and painterly patterns that Susan produces may be a newer design direction for Hickory, the ethos behind both brands commitment to quality is a strong bond.

Another frutiful and beautiful collaboration is between Hickory and Thomas O'Brien. The resulting collection is amazing in that in feels like a selection of pieces that someone with a great eye has acquired over time. There is definitely a stylistic through-line to it, but the overall impression when you enter the O'Brien section of the showroom is that you've stumbled into the very chic apartment of a vintage and art-collecting design-lover.

Take a look:

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(Images: Janel Laban)