High Tech Two Cans & A String

Although it can never replace the kid tested, mother approved method of talking to a friend via tin cans across a string, this updated version has an aesthetically pleasing feel to it. More details after the jump!

Nothing tickles our fancy more than seeing designers give a nod to their youth by updating, or utilizing memorable/iconic things from their childhood. In this case designer Duncan Wilson has given the traditional tin cans a boost with these oh so pretty white versions. You simply pull their string to activate, squeeze to talk and then listen--sort of like a modern day walkie-talkie.

Although we doubt we'll see them in production soon, we'd still like to get our hands on one so we can say, "Can you hear me now?"

Do you have a childhood classic you'd like to see remade into a more stylish and updated version. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

(via: zedomax)
(Image: Duncan Wilson)

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