Hip and Functional Craft Lights

Hip and Functional Craft Lights

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 21, 2011

When we think of a "craft light," we admit, the visuals aren't attractive. Craft lights have definitely gotten a bad rap in the past, often never put in the same sentence with words like "hip," "cool" and "good-looking." Research for this post has proven our old ideas on craft lights way wrong, and we've gather some we wouldn't mind having in our craft room.

Whether you need a concentrated beam of light for scrapbooking, a magnifying glass for embroidery or something portable for some craft we can't even imagine, we think you'll like the function and aesthetics of these craft lights. The two pictured first:

1) Naturalight Flexible LED Desk Light $76
2) Daylight PL Desk Lamp $112

3) Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light $16
4) Ott-Lite 13-Watt POD Lamp $42
5) Ott-Lite Telescoping Lamp $40

6) Light Craft Flexible Round Magnifier Lamp $83
7) Alvin Fluorescent Task Clamp Light $70
8) Purelite Table Magnifying Light $20

Out of curiosity, if you craft, what is it that you do, and do you use a light for your craft project needs?

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