Hokus, Pokus

Hokus, Pokus

May 29, 2007

It is easy to find utilitarian storage for the nursery. But what about marrying the practical to the whimsical, the charming, and the fun? Not quite as easy to find.

Over at Zac and Zoe, we spotted some shelving and storage that both does the job, and retains the fun. Hokus, shown at left, made of birch plywood, is both whimsical and practical. 59" high, the Hokus is large enough to be significant storage in the nursery, and the two slide-out wooden chest drawers mean cleaning up is a breeze. Naturally, with hokus comes pokus.

Meet Pokus, above. Add Pokus on to Hokus for wider storage, or use Pokus alone in a smaller room. We like the side hooks, for jackets and backpacks, and Pokus comes with one wooden chest drawer for easy storage. Pokus is $460.00, and Hokus is $790.00.

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