Holden's Sweet Literary Space

Holden's Sweet Literary Space

Lauren Hufnagl
Sep 18, 2012

Name: Holden (3 Months)
Location: York, PA
Room Size: 10' x 10', 100 sq ft

It's unusual in this day and age for a couple to decorate their nursery without knowing the baby's gender in advance, but that didn't stop Meagan and her husband from creating the perfect space for their little Holden. Her secret? Fill the space with handmade pieces and personal touches - because what could be more perfect than that for any little boy or girl…

How would you describe the look and feel of this room?
Slightly Studious. Holden has a literary name (from The Catcher in the Rye) so I knew wanted to include literary elements in the nursery: The Catcher in the Rye print, The Help quote, Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter. Even the paint color has a literary name: Sherwin Williams' Dorian Gray. At my baby shower, guests were asked to bring a book with a message for the baby, so she has a full bookshelf. I went with a subtle owl theme because of their association with being studious and wise.

My first inspiration for the nursery actually came from seeing a stuffed owl at Pier 1. I liked the patchwork look and the grey chevron and his little round belly. Once people found out my nursery was going to be grey and have an owl theme, they must have all had the same idea - I actually received three of this same owl as gifts!

What is your favorite piece or element?
The refinished glider. We found it on the side of the road; the cushions were not salvageable but the glider was in good condition. A friend (who has a small business, HolyCraft) sanded and painted it for me (Valspar Stained Glass). I ordered the new custom cushions from cozycushions.com (Hooty True Turquoise fabric). I wasn't happy with any of the gliders I was finding in stores and online. I was so happy to be able to have something custom, colorful and quirky.

The Catcher in the Rye print from The Art of Adam Juresko (Etsy).

The Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright sign from Susie Harris. My husband and I were married in Jamaica and we love reggae music - now Holdy does too. Bob Marley calms her down!

Basically, I love all the little personal touches throughout the room.

What was the biggest challenge decorating this room?
We didn't find out the baby's sex before delivery, so creating a quirky and fun nursery that was gender neutral was a challenge.

I love the calming feel of a soft grey, but I didn't want the room to feel bland, so I included small pops of color with the golden yellow and teal.

Also, I knew that I wanted to include some element of owls, but I didn't want to have "theme nursery," so I worked really hard to avoid owl overload. I think keeping the bedding and window treatments simple helped me to do that.

What do your friends say about the room?
I've had several people say that the room is very "me," which I hope means it's cool and different and thoughtful. I put a lot of thought into the room and I think my friends and family are able to appreciate those elements of me (and my husband).

I think my mom was skeptical how a blue and yellow nursery could work for a girl, but I think she ultimately agrees that I was able to achieve a good blend of feminine and masculine in the space.

Do you have any advice for parents creating a room for their child?
If you have the time and the resources, try to add your personal touch to the space. A meaningful quote, something representative of the baby's namesake, anything handmade, helps to give the room some character. And Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!

If money were no object, what's your dream source? I lusted after this tree branch bookshelf by Olivier Dolle, but I don't believe it's actually available for purchase without commissioning the artist! I even had my husband look into making one himself, but eventually I (grudgingly) gave up and just went with a decal.

I adored the Baby Cache Emerald Inn furniture collection in Sea Mist but couldn't see spending that much money on nursery furniture.

Much of my nursery was purchased from various Etsy shops (I wish I were a DIYer but I'm just not) - if money were no object, everything in the nursery would have been custom made.

Source List:

  • Catcher in the Rye Sign: The Art of Adam Juresko (Etsy)

  • Fabric PomPom Mobile: Whimsy NomNom (Etsy)

  • Tree Decal: Couture Decals (Etsy)

  • Every Little Thing Sign: Susie Harris

  • Grey Chevron Curtains & matching Crib Skirt: Sally Jensen Interiors

  • H-O-L-D-E-N Bunting Banner: Bella and Teo Boutique

  • Stuffed Owl: Pier1

  • Sally on a Stick: Frog and Bee (facebook)

  • The Help Aibileen Quote Sign: HolyCraft

  • Refinished Glider: HolyCraft

  • Glider Cushions: CJ's Cozy Cushions

  • Crib: Graco Lauren in White (Babies R Us)

  • Changing Table: Kentwood Media Chest (Wolf Furniture)

  • Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray

  • Rug: West Elm

  • Bookshelf and fabric bins: Target

  • Window bench: HomeGoods

Beautiful - thanks, Meagan! You can see more of Meagan over on her blog, Meg. Not Martha as well as on Pinterest.

(Images: Lauren Hufnagl)


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