A succulent kissing ball.

Succulents have been a hot trend for quite some time now with no signs of slowing. Not surprising, given they are an easy plant to maintain and come in a wide variety of forms. And while we've been trying our hand at incorporating them into our gardens and terrariums — they're so picturesque, it would be a shame not to include them in our holiday decorations. From wreaths to a new take on the Christmas tree, succulents are the perfect way to spice up traditional holiday decor.

1. The succulent kissing ball is a new twist on the traditional mistletoe version. Use these DIY instructions I whipped up a few years ago to help you craft one for your home, but use metal basket forms in a smaller size and more succulent clippings to alter it for this project.
2, 3. Adding succulents is a stylish way to update the standard holiday centerpiece. Even if you're looking for the typical red, green and white color combo, the unusual color and textures of succulents will keep it interesting. Roses and berries bring in shades of red, or you can use candles to add the color of your choice.
4. This succulent arrangement uses a recycled wood wine crate for a planter, which lends just a small dose of a charming woodsy vibe. The planter is filled with succulents, rosemary, lavender and a fruiting citrus plants, all of varying heights. The inclusion of herbs will add a fragrant smell, which makes it the perfect addition to an entryway.
5, 6. You could fill an entire tree with succulents like these that you can order from Flora Grubb. It would also be super easy to make your own. Just snip off the succulents heads, leaving as much stem as possible. Allow to dry and callous over for few days, then insert floral wire around the stem and attach to your tree. The beauty of these ornaments is after the tree comes down, just remove the wire and place in a pot of soil. Add water and indirect light and eventually your succulents should take root, meaning you can eventually use them in your containers or garden, or even as ornaments on your tree next year! You can jazz up your tree with a snow globe succulent ornament using a suspended glass orb. These also make an inexpensive hostess, office, or teacher's gift!
7, 8. Instead of your average cut christmas tree, how about a living one that can be used indoors or out! This tree is comprised of chicks and hens and moss, and takes on a coastal theme with the inclusion of shells and a starfish. If you can't bear the thought of parting with your usual cut tree, you could always opt for a smaller succulent tabletop version. This duo dresses up the cocktail table without being overly "christmassy".
9, 10. Aside from the tree, wreaths might just be the most widely used holiday decoration, so why not make yours original? Succulent wreaths are popping up everywhere which makes them even easier to source. If you find (or make) one that isn't geared toward the holidays, just add berries or ribbon for an easy fix. Or go the subtle route and cover a grapevine wreath with moss and add a simple cluster of succulents to make it pop.