Holiday DIY: How to Make a Studded Suede Trivet

Apartment Therapy Tutorial

You know those last frenzied moments of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, when all of the dishes get done at the same time? And you try to get everything on the table so it doesn't get cold? All the while yelling to everyone who's watching TV that dinner's ready, and could people come to the table please? That's the precise moment that, every year, I realize I don't own enough trivets.

This year I'm heading that moment off at the pass, and adding some more to my paltry collection. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I used some stuff I had lying around to create my own.

I give you the DIY suede & brass trivet. (Call it Suass? or Bruede? No matter.)

What You Need:

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• 8" x 8" suede square (on the thicker side, at least 4 oz.)
• Brass studs with prongs, like these from Tandy Leather, in various sizes

• Awl or other piercing object (I used a very large upholstery needle)
• needle nose pliers


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1. Print out your chosen design on a piece of paper, then tape it in place on your square of leather. I used Adobe Illustrator to map it out in advance.

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2. Using your sharp object of choice, pierce two holes where the studs prongs will go.

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3. Push each stud through the holes and into place.

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4. Flip the leather over, exposing the prongs. Using the pliers, bend the prongs as flat as possible against the leather.

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(images: Dabney Frake)