Holiday Hostess Gift:
The Sparkling Jam Cocktail

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Today's One Minute Tip comes from Maggie Battista, with her favorite idea for a holiday hostess gift: The Sparkling Jam Cocktail.

• The Star: Maggie Battista started Eat Boutique as a blog in 2007, and sold out of her first gift box of small batch independent food in 2009. Discovering the best small batch foods by boutique food makers, Eat Boutique has been featured in places like The Wall Street Journal, Gilt Taste, Daily Candy, The Boston Globe and 101 Cookbooks. Maggie continues to offer unique and delicious handmade food in monthly tasting subscriptions and seasonal gift boxes for food fans and home cooks. A community organizer and writer, she writes a monthly cocktail column for Snippet & Ink and hosts Eat Boutique Markets, where she spotlights cookbook authors and food and drink makers. Follow her homemade adventures on Twitter at @mizmaggieb or @eatboutique!

• The Music: Music by Pete Miser!

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• Submissions Welcome: Are you a Maker? Do you have great how-to's and tips to share? Do you have a winning personality or are you just a great character? Tell us here and we'll consider sending our video team to tape you for the site.

Sparkling Jam Cocktail
Tiny Whisk

Still photos in video by Heidi Murphy, styled by Maggie Battista

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