Kid-Friendly Holiday Decorations

I made the mistake of assuming that my daughter, who is just shy of 4 years old, would be ... appropriate ... with the Christmas decorations this year. We knew what to expect when she was a toddler: heck on wheels! But now, she should sort of, kind of, know better. Right? Wishful thinking!

So I was wrong. We've already lost a snow globe - due to excessive shaking and a brand new wood floor (I'm suddenly missing our horrible old wall-to-wall carpet!). If CSI came dusting for fingerprints, I'm sure every single ornament on the tree would be covered in child-size examples! So, as much as I love our vintage Christmas ornaments and fancy glass doodads, I'm thankful to see some cool, less breakable options out again this year. What are your favorite kid-friendly ways to decorate?

1. Alphabranch Monogram ornaments
2. Confetti System Garland
3. Winter Wonderland Wall Art
4. Santa Lucia Wooden Snowflake Set
5. Felt Ball Wreath

6. Felt Polar Bear Ornament
7. Supernova Ornament
8. Felt Snowflake

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