Hollywood For Sale: The Dude Used To Live Here

Hollywood For Sale: The Dude Used To Live Here

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 29, 2011

"That rug really tied the room together." It's always fun when a home we've seen 1,000 times in the movies comes up for sale. We all claim some ownership to it even though we've never set foot inside. This time around The Dude's home from The Big Lebowski is on the market and it's still just as pretty as ever — even if we could decorate it better than he did.

The Dude lived in a one bedroom bungalow that is really part of a 6 home compound. The whole shebang is up for sale in LA for $2,295,000 which makes them around $382,500 each if you were to split and sell them back out. It's quite the charming little area with a beautiful garden and spacious parking. You can check out more details on the property from Bulldog Realtors or from LA Weekly.

Would you ever want to live in a movie house? Could you fathom buying something just because one of your favorite characters lived there? The only home I think I personally have any ties to is Tony Stark's home, but who doesn't? Share your thoughts below!

Image: Bulldog Realtors, Polygram Filmed Entertainment

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