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HBO and Amazon joining forces caused a big shakeup in the TV world — in part because people were so annoyed that Game of Thrones wasn't included in the deal. But do not fear! When Netflix and Showtime announced their deal in 2011, Dexter wasn't part of the lineup, but now you can happily stream all eight seasons on Netflix.

However, that's not the only good news in the world of premium streaming. Here are a few other premium channel programs you can catch on Amazon Prime Streaming, Netflix, Hulu, or even YouTube:


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Amazon Prime Streaming:

The full list of HBO shows can be found here, but here's a selection of critic and fan favorites:



Just a quick word of explanation here: HBO puts many of the clips for their talk shows in playlists on YouTube and names them as episodes. So you have to watch the ENTIRE playlist in order to see the episode.