Whether your roommates are family members, friends, or practically strangers (and especially then), sometimes it's just nice to have the place to yourself. I see these times as a sort of escape and an opportunity to recharge. 

I don't often have my home to myself, but earlier this week my husband was out of town staying with friends. I didn't do anything very exciting — just kind of silly. I turned up some of my favorite music (Magnetic Fields, if you're asking) and sang loudly to myself in a Stephin-Merritt-voice while watching a guilty pleasure movie (on mute) and pinning images for my parents' living room makeover. If it were winter, I'd have taken a hot bath. All in all it was a pleasant and simple, albeit temporary, change of pace.

How do you enjoy your time alone at home?


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(Image: Amber's Art-Filled Austin Apartment)