Home and Garden Roundup: 9.24.06

Home and Garden Roundup: 9.24.06

Janel Laban
Sep 26, 2006

H&G To Do List has a few suggestions for field trips. We blogged their first suggestion a few weeks ago, the Bungalow/Green Home expo, but thought you'd appreciate the reminder as it's coming up this Saturday.

They also suggest the Chicago Cavalcade of Homes set for October 7th, a day of tours of homes, townhomes and condos for sale across the city. The five tours (north, midsouth, near west, southeast, and far south) all begin at UIC.

Also from H&G this week:

The Winners: of the Most Glorius Garden contest. Lots of info, but unfortunately no pictures online...

Martha says:: this is what should be in a properly stocked toolbox.

Dishing: Hearty Fare: BBQ pork sandwich, Pineapple slaw and pork tenderloin with apples and sage

5 ways: to be a better bird steward. Audubon's tips for migration time.

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