Home and Garden Roundup: 2.11.07

Home and Garden Roundup: 2.11.07

Janel Laban
Feb 12, 2007

Bird Call is about a totally different type of service, the "birdscaper" making a house call.

Barbara Mahany hired Tim Joyce (of Wild Birds Unlimited) to come to her yard and give her the info she needed to make it a friendly, healthy place for wild birds to spend time. In the piece, Tim sounds like a very nice and very knowlegeable guy.

After taking Tims advice and spending $87.79 on recommended supplies, according to Mahany, her "plot on the map is now home to dozens and dozens and dozens of birds on a daily basis".

Also from H&G this week:

Living the Green Life: Readers questions and comments on "gray water" reuse and the cost effectiveness of CFL bulbs.

Your A/V Guy: Kevin Hunt gives a seriously UN-glowing review to the Philips PMC7230 Portable Media Center.

Dishing: Paninis from Ron Bilaro. We believe most things taste pretty good in a panini and we like the sound of the recipes for lemon pepper tuna and mini fig and blue cheese. But the mini marshmallows in the pear hazelnut are just a little bit scary....

Five Ways to: Add romance to the bedroom. Brynne Rinderknecht, stylist for Playboy and bedroom interiors designer, gives her tips for bedroom design details.

Top Image: Eva Solo Bird Table

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