Home and Garden Roundup: 06.10.07

Home and Garden Roundup: 06.10.07

Janel Laban
Jun 11, 2007

Beauty and the Plastic Beast asks gardeners to "be aware - for just about every plant we buy, a pot, a bag, a bottle gets sent to the landfill".

A sobering estimate from the article: nursery pots, flats and cell packs alone use up to 320 million pounds of plastic a year. Beth Botts clues in gardeners on both recycling programs and good tips and practices for cutting down on the plastic while creating a little green space of your own.

Also from H&G this week:

Tech Question: Who will win? Blu-ray or HD DVD? Kevin Hunt is hoping for "universal" players, and suggests waiting a bit longer before purchasing.

Rug Guy: Thom Filicia, from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is now a spokesperson for Karastan and he's giving tips on rugs and developing style.

Healthier Kitchens: Ideas on improving the health of where you cook from Jennifer Roberts, author of "Good Green Kitchens".

Recycling E-Waste: Ideas and realities for disposing of electronics.

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