Home and Garden Roundup: 07.08.07

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Putting Waste on a Diet details Karen Klage's work to reduce the amount of trash that comes from her household. She worked with Lydia Duyawa-Dow, a waste/recycling consultant.

Her starting stats: an average of 1.6 pounds a day, 11.22 pounds a week, not including the 18.36 pounds of newspapers she recycles and the catalogs she receives.

The article tracks her strategies to losing some of that weight, a process she has found addictive; we found it full of good, basic ideas and info.

Also from H&G this week:

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Five Things: to remove from your bedroom for a better night's sleep from the author of "Home Enlightenment", Annie Bond.

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Screen Grabs: "The yin-yang balance of form and function" of the classic Eames management chair gets it featured.

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The Greening of Grillng: via the NYT, a piece on grilling, its effects on the environment and what you can do to make it greener.

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Reader Question: A low voc seal for a granite countertop?

Top Photo: Oscar the Grouch "I Love Trash" T-shirt from AllPosters.com

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