Good Enough to Eat: Delicious Home, Closet, and Kitchen Mashups

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Home: Nick's Grad School Digs House Tour
Closet: Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby Collection
Kitchen: A Refreshing Winter Salad:  Kale, Almonds, and Pomegranate

We often call beautiful sights "a feast for the eyes," we say that lovely things "look good enough to eat," and we all like to savor "eye candy." To my mind, fashion, interior design, and food are some of life's greatest pleasures, and putting them all together is a recipe for delight. Here are some scrumptious visual match-ups from our house tours, some favorite fashion commerce sites, and our sister site The Kitchn.

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Home: A Look Inside the Home of Lighting Designer Marjorie Skouras
Closet: Printed Shift Dress from Zara
Kitchen: A Cooling Cocktail for a Spicy Meal: Coconut, Ginger, and Cilantro Cocktail

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Home: Leslie's Mid-Century Optimism House Tour
Closet: Starlight Hearted Dress from Modcloth
Kitchen: Elegant Raw Recipe: Fresh Figs with Cashew Cream

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Home: Alex Fulton's Flirtatious Use of Crazy Color House Tour
Closet: Fleur Corset Top from Anthropologie
Kitchen: Perfect Pitcher Drink Recipe: Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer

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Home: Bethany & Joshua's Eclectic Lake View House Tour
Closet: Merino Tippi Sweater in Stripe Monarch from J. Crew
Kitchen: Edible Butterflies: Cupcake Toppers from SugarRobot

(Images: as credited above)

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