Home & Garden Highlights: 12.02.06

Home & Garden Highlights: 12.02.06

Dec 4, 2006

H&G was thin this weekend, but we dutifully bring you the highlights all the same:

Painting an abstract landscape: Dave Weinstein tours the private Mill Valley garden of heavyweight landscape designer Robert Royston, which is where the tilework in this picture was photographed. Royston, who modernized landscape architectire, is actually more well-known for the many playgrounds he designed. If you have memories of wiling away an afternoon hiding from your mother in a concrete "gopher hole," this is the guy to thank.

AROUND THE HOUSE: Susan Fornoff's shopping picks and tips this week include lamp shades personalized with your own giclee art, the 2006 World of Good warehouse sale and the Berkeley Potters Guild Holiday as well as the French demitasse set above.

A house for $100,000? No way: Lynette Evans reviews a new tome from Dwell founder Karrie Jacobs,"The Perfect $100,000 House.'' Evans says it ends on an anti-climactic note (Jacobs buys a studio apartment in Brooklyn instead of building a house), but Evans is typically very hard-pressed to find anything redeeming in the pursuit of Modernism or its ideals. Probably best to read the book and decide for yourself.
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