Home & Garden Highlights: 2.17.07

Home & Garden Highlights: 2.17.07

Feb 20, 2007

Saturday's Chron almost went unread due to the fantastic weather, but the picture to the left of a Hans Wegner chair drew our curiosity.

The other interesting tidbits (blogged below the jump) were an inadvertent primer on stalling community development (the town in question is the New Urbanist Hercules), a piece on a nationwide Monarch Watch, and the smorgasboard (some dishes are tasty, others bland) that is AROUND THE HOUSE.

Sitting the test of time: Zahid Sardar's tribute to the late Hans Wegner reveals that the Danish designer, who is famed for his many elegant and iconic chairs, was, in a way, a forerunner of Ikea: he managed to make good design available at reasonable prices.

AROUND THE HOUSE: Susan Fornoff and Sally Socolich round up some interesting products, including an all-purpose cleaner, Gama-go's pillows, which feature the work of local artists, and an artisan glassware sale in Richmond.

A long way to a latte: Paul Kilduff reports on the sad impact of a local smack-down between mom and pop shops and big box retailers. In the newly developed hamlet of Hercules, the standoff has left the fledgling community with no services.

Gardeners save the day as butterfly habitats disappear: Here's something we didn't know much about: first there was a war in our nation's farms against milkweed, and it succeeded. Then the Monarch butterfly population started to shrink, since Monarchs eat milkweed. Now there's Monarch Watch, a group that's working to save the garden-friendly species by creating a network of Monarch-friendly habitats across the country.
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