Home & Garden Highlights: 03.07.07

Home & Garden Highlights: 03.07.07

Mar 8, 2007

Once again, there wasn't much that was original in Wednesday's Chron. We found just a couple of articles, including one we liked by a gardener/author whose books we've read, and who Lynette Evans wrote about on Saturday.

A year-round source for cut flowers: Author Amy Stewart says anything from the garden can be put in a vase with a little experimentation: She writes that "homegrown blossoms are lovable because of, not in spite of, their imperfections." A bare willow or cherry branch, nasturtiums, geraniums, dill, even fresh-picked carrots can make lovely arrangements.

MOP TO IT / A sweeper standoff: Laura Thomas puts the Swiffer Sweeper and Method's new Omop to the test. The winner? An old-fashioned broom.

Design Dilemma: Beryn Hammil suggests privacy film or a roller shade as a modern alternative to stretch curtains on a French door.

Images: Amy Stewart, Method

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