Home & Garden Highlights: 06.02.07

Home & Garden Highlights: 06.02.07

Jun 4, 2007

The Chron was bold on Saturday, daring to state (albeit indirectly) that the SF design scene is second-rate.

Spinning new ideas from old: Zahid Sardar begins with the proposition above, exploring how "Bay Area talents come into their own in New York." One among them: Derek Chen's Council (blogged here by AT:SF) a new design company that's aiming to push American industrial design towards edgy, premium, modern furniture that can compete with European innovators like Boffi.

(Sardar's ICFF coverage also includes a handy round-up of SF design world movers and shakers he spotted during NY's Design Week.)

AROUND THE HOUSE: This week Susan likes The Trey, a highly flexible task chair, Wall Jewels (name says it all), and Bach anti-garment distortion hangers.

Better to work with nature to get your dream 'green' house: Philip S. Wenz brings some sense to the green home craze, offering up some inexpensive energy-saving design approaches and ideas, such as sensitivity to appropriate sizing and climate design, enclosed sun porches, passive solar heating, and good insulation.

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