Home & Garden Highlights: 06.23.07

Home & Garden Highlights: 06.23.07

Jun 25, 2007

It's a slow summer over at the Chron.

At home with Levi Leipheimer and Odessa Gunn: Our own Anh-Minh visits the secluded Santa Rosa home of the champion bicyclist and uncovers a menagerie of pets, a whole lotta hardwood floors (see pic above) and some pragmatically-minded home decor decision-makers.

AROUND THE HOUSE: Susan Fornoff picks Jessica McClintock's Simply Romantic Decorating, several new cocktail table designs that accommodate laptop use, and the Dutch door revival. But no pictures this week. What up with that?

Bicycle storage for renters, tight spots: Susan Fornoff rounds up bike storage options, including some we'd never seen from Art of Storage.

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