Home & Garden Roundup: 09.09.06

Home & Garden Roundup: 09.09.06

Sep 11, 2006

Oh my. The article about the "Temple of Taxidermy" was a bit of a departure for the Chron. We're not sure what to say. What do you say?

(The link to the article is below the jump. You can see more photos of the taxidermy-filled Queen Anne there.)

  • Animal Magnetism: Alameda couple restores 1889 Queen Anne cottage and makes it home to 2 kids, 2 dogs and 43 (and counting) taxidermied critters

  • Fashion trends look silly pasted onto old buildings: Updating structures to fit passing styles backfires later: Arrol Gellner differentiates between "today's faddish new architecture" and "cosmetic updates superficially pasted onto buildings for the sake of chasing one fad or another."

  • Fences may make good neighbors, but knowing the law can make things easier: If a friendly talk can't resolve the issue, try mediation; litigation should be the last resort: Full disclosure: We worked in mediation several years ago. We agree that you should try mediation before calling in the lawyers.

  • As awareness of mold's hazards grows, so do countering methods: Mold prevention, in addition to remediation.

  • Decorating for two: Moving in with someone means having to mesh your tastes: Yes. Yes, it does.

  • For baby safety, get down on your hands and knees: An article from the Washington Post, just in time for Kids' Month.

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