Home & Garden Roundup: 09.13.06

Home & Garden Roundup: 09.13.06

Sep 14, 2006

The Chron's article about the upcoming AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours gave an overview of the homes on the roster. We've got a lot on our plate this weekend, but anyone planning to go on the tour?

(The article's below the jump)

  • Modern Design: The sky's the limit: AIA San Francisco home tours demonstrate how architects are making connections to history, neighborhood and nature

  • Art car brings lots of smiles but isn't meant for heavy lifting: Sounds familiar, although our car isn't covered with Legos

  • More parents are telling grads to get a life: Number of kids who go back home after college drops, but half still return: We think it's interesting how in some other cultures, kids live at home until they're married -- um, not that we're condoning that

  • Design Dilemma: Beryn Hammil recommends scaling down furniture and painting walls to create intimacy in a living room

  • ScrapHouse: Putting junk in perspective: Documentary about the house created from garbage in 30 days
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