Home & Garden Roundup: 09.02.06

Home & Garden Roundup: 09.02.06

Sep 5, 2006

H&G tipped Zahid's hat towards Burning Man. Otherwise tile was this past Saturday's subject du jour.

  • TOUCHED BY TILE: We love that Gordon Bryan, a Point Reyes Station tile-maker, is crafting not only tiles that feature cows and herring, but also classic white subway tiles, which he sells to Manhattanites. Joanne Furio's write-up and photo essay provide great insight into his craft.

  • Tough tiles: Joanne Furio also profiles Leo Peck, a Napa tile artisan who specializes in cement-reinforced tile tables that work indoors and out.

  • BURNING MAN: Designers eager to try Zen and the art of desert architecture: Zahid Sardar zeros in on architect Paul Discoe's modular cardboard zendo in this writeup of elevated design at Burning Man.

  • From garden to Thanksgiving table: Sophia Markoulakis contributes a story on a most fitting way to celebrate Bay Area bounty: sowing a second crop in your garden now, for a Thanksgiving harvest.
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