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We recently recommended taking the safer-than-sorry avenue of
personal articles insurance, especially when it comes to your most precious (and valuable) of tech devices. And although a plain ole spreadsheet will work, this Home Inventory app makes documenting all the details of your valuables a whole lot easier to create and later navigate, whether for insurance purposes or simply to keep track of a collection of items. A Policies feature is designed specifically for insurance policy purposes, inventories can be uploaded to cloud storage for remote location safe keeping, while the Home Inventory Photo Remote connects the application to iOS devices for easy photo documentation and inventory creation without being tethered to your computer. It's like your own personal Pinterest, but for more pragmatic reasons...

• Keep track of information about your items such as the make, model, serial number, price, and much more.
• Use Home Inventory as a single place to store warranty information, receipts, manuals, and other information about your items to help you stay organized.
• Add your own custom fields to store the information you want about your items.
• Customize the item field layout to show only the information you are interested in. Create a custom field layout for each category.
• Store and view item receipts, so you have them when you need them.
• Use the dated notes feature to store repair histories and make other notes about your items.
• Store warranty information, including extended and supplemental warranty information.
• Attach digital copies of owners manuals and other files to your items.
• Create your own item categories, locations, and collections.
• The collections feature provides an easy way to organize related items, such as books, CDs, video games, and movies.