Home Library

Nicole of Pink Loves Brown has been diligently posting about the transformation of her 2nd floor hallway landing into a beautifully realized corner library that makes our bibliophile hearts go pitter-pat. We really like how she's placed overhead lamps inbetween each bookcase doors for both utility and mood lighting, creating a space that just invites you into browsing the bound choices inside each case. She's even created a complimentary alcove space for her reading pleasure. What a cozy spot to enjoy a read.

An interesting discussion that arose from her post was the issue of whether to paint or to leave her ceiling white. Her significant other wanted to keep them white, while she wanted to contrast the brown walls with a bit of colour. Nicole eventually decided to compliment her rich brown walls with what she's dubbed as a "Cooney green" ceiling (we couldn't find any photos of this lovely combination on her Flickr, but hopefully she soon updates with a peek). It all worked out, and Nicole has moved onto their bedroom (they've been sleeping out in in the hallway)...which we'll be eagerly checking on for updates about in the coming days.