To continue with introductions, our second trial blogger is Taylor Hokanson, who's helping us figure out just how much stuff in our home can be networked.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The basic concept of networked technology isn't hard to grasp -- plug it in, fire it up, and watch it communicate with the rest of your networked gizmos. Then again, any self-respecting technophile may well have 10 or more video sources to maintain, and that's just in the baby's room...

Above is a section of Home Theater Network's all-encompassing networking diagram. In addition to some fantastically goofy projects (like exchanging texts with your bread-maker or operating your oven via cellphone), this site provides an exhaustive visual guide to networking your home. On the site, you can click on areas of interest to learn more about cables, data standards, and device families.

Image: Home Theater Network