Home Office All-In-One: All in One Tiny Cabinet

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When space in your place is at a premium (We're lookin' at you, NYC Unplggers!), it can be really tough to edit down and decide which "rooms" you do and don't need to make space for. When need some room for a laptop and supplies, a secretary desk, like this one from West Elm, is a great solution. But what if your office needs are a bit larger? Check out the Cyber Box.

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Jacky Nicolas designed the Cyber Box office unit to house a desktop unit (monitor, keyboard and CPU), a printer and shelves to place folders, files and CDs.

Crafted out of beechwood and chromium metal parts, it can move about easily with the help of heavy duty castors on the base.No idea when or where it's available. But judging by the premium materials, it won't be cheap.

[ via BornRich ]

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