It's an annual showcase for some of the latest designs in the furniture industry, but the International Contemporary Furniture Fair -- now back in full swing in New York City -- also introduces interesting accessories for the home and office. Here are a few we spotted that might look smart in your workspace.

Archive Boxes from House Industries use alphabet, number, and bracket patterns to help you store your stuff -- and remind us of the Herman Miller Shipping Blocks currently available at the Herman Miller Pop-Up Shop in Soho ($36 for a set of three boxes).

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, these JUJU wallpapers by Avery Thatcher would be a welcome presence on an accent wall (contact for pricing).

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We've seen the Alarm Dock from Areaware before, but this year they've arrived in colorful resin and marble materials ($30, available for pre-order).

Misewell's nicely proportioned Tokyo lamps offer bases made of recycled steel and oatmeal-colored rolled-edge shades -- smart for a desk or work table (starting at $245). And below it, another pick from Misewell: Streamlined wall hooks to hang your hat (or your laptop bag or your umbrella) (contact for pricing).

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House Industries' embellished AMAC Canister Boxes cheerfully hold a variety of desktop odds and ends ($35).
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The strong curve of its wooden base and simple look of its satin-brass or polished-copper shade let the L.U.M. Lamp from UM Project add sophistication to any space (contact for pricing).

Jasper Morrison (designer of our Magis Air-Chair) takes the phone back to basics with the landline-based Punkt. DP 01 (there's even an answering machine in the cradle) ($245).

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By Amy Feezor