Home Office Gift Ideas For the Tech & Design Minded

Have a housewarming party to attend and want to bring something a little more original than wine or a plant (although plants make great air cleaners)? Want to celebrate a friend's new work from home setup? We've combed our archives and the Internet for some of our favorite gift ideas for the home office that are just perfect for tech + design lovers.

Gift ideas for the home office:

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  • Akira Shimamura Memory Card Reader A memory card reader is always useful and one this well designed is sure to score points with your design loving friend. $20
  • Neuno Tablet Stand Does your friend own a tablet? Consider a slick tablet stand as a great potential gift. $79- $89
  • Meninos Twitter Mousepad Quite possibly one of the most fun mousepads we've seen it makes for a fun and inexpensive gift. $13
  • Meninos CM Pillow Pillows do have a place in a home office! Your recipient can use this one side Cyan, the other Magenta, pillow for extra lumbar support. $30
  • Photojojo Camera Lens Mug We don't think we're out of line by considering a mug a home office essential. Grab a Canon or Nikon mug for your next home office housewarming gift. $24, $30

What's a great home office gift you've given or received?

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