Home Quirks or Yes, I Keep Sweaters In the Freezer

The other day, we shared a resource for those seemingly odd tips and tricks for home keeping that seem strange but really work. Which gives rise to photo here. It's not simply that we've run out of storage space or that we like the feeling of sweaters, especially during these unpredictable days of spring, chilly from the freezer. Why we keep our sweaters in the freezer, after the jump...

Due to an insurmountable moth problem that we've had little luck in combating (despite an arsenal that includes cedar in various forms, lavender, mothballs, astronomical dry cleaning bills and repeated visits from the exterminator), we've resorted to keeping our favorite and, apparently, tasty cashmere sweaters in our freezer where they share space with film, the company cigarettes, batteries and flour. Not only are they sealed tight against further moth holes but the theory is that the cold kills any remaining larvae. Yup, it's a little odd but, after all, it's our house, we can do what we like. What about you? What's your weirdest home quirk?