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We do plenty of 'ooooing' and 'aaaahing' over the functional and clever interior spaces featured here on Apartment Therapy. If you're like me though, the desire to switch things up from a design perspective even extends out to the smartphone home screens. Here are several home screen snapshots featuring gorgeous wallpapers, with links to download them to your own device, a few inspired by our top decor styles.

Click through the list for some of my favorite smartphone decor solutions for the iPhone. Android users, I haven't forgotten you, so stay tuned.

Happy Modern - Download the wallpaper (Cuben Shambles 1)

Eclectic Collector - Download the wallpaper (Cuben Space Pandora)

New Traditional - Download the wallpaper

Simple Chic - Download the wallpaper

Warm Industrial - Dowload the wallpaper

Organic Modern - Download the wallpaper

Classic Glam - Download the wallpaper

Dramatic Modern - Download the wallpaper

Just for Fun - Download the wallpaper

Does your iPhone home screen match your decor style?

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