This setup has everything we could ever want for our home's media room—except it puts our media room to shame because this stellar home theater is inside a Minivan.

What you're looking at is a “Lounge Concept” from Brabus situated inside a 2010 Mercedes Benz V-class Viano.

Besides the less-important-bot-still-impressive car specs of a 426hp 6.1L V8 engine, the 2010 Brabus Mercedes-Benz Viano Lounge comes jam-packed with the features you really care about in a car—a 32-inch LCD, two Sony VAIO laptops, a PlayStation 3, a Vertu Constellation phone and even a Nespresso machine for when you need to wake up for work after spending all night awake in your garage playing PS3 in your van. They've thought of everything!

(Check out a whole gallery of images here at Serious Wheels.)

This ultimate man-cave (man-van?) is only a concept right now. But we're thinking it could be an indication that we should expect the automotive world to work on making your car a home-away-from-home down to the gadget-y details.

Via OhGizmo