HoMedics Restore Water Purification

Many of our friends have ditched bottled water and have moved over to pitcher filtration or reverse osmosis systems to get their fix of agua, filling up their oh-so-stylish SIGG or Kleen Kanteen bottles. And now Target-centric brand HoMedics has joined the clean water category with the Restore water purification system, which offers UV tech to zap your tap of any microbes....

The $99.99 HoMedics Restore system uses ultraviolet (UV) C spectrum light which is reputed to kill most bacteria, microbial cysts and viruses that might be floating in your cup, while a cartridge filtration system ($7.99 each) much like those from the likes of PUR remove "heavy metals, chlorine (taste & order) and some industrial & agricultural pollutants are reduced. " We like the design of the pitcher itself, with a sort of lightbulb in the pitcher look that makes the clarity of the water more evident. Is it any better than the competition? We can't say yet...but we'll see if we can hunt down a review unit in the future to report back.