Homemade Board Book by Erin Jang

We think Erin Jang's portrait should hang in the hallways of the Aunties Appreciation Society for the amazing things she's created for her nephews. She first won us over with her beautiful and deceptively simple fabric posters and now she's at it again by both writing (with her husband) and designing this sweet board book to commemorate her youngest nephew turning 100 days old.

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Blank board books aren't hard to come by (we answered a Good Question about them a few years ago in fact) and we think Erin's method of printing pages onto adhesive label paper and trimming them to size is the way to go.

We know what you're thinking - "hey, Erin's an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, I couldn't make something like this!" Touché - okay, maybe the average Joe or Jane's attempt at this project might not be on an aesthetic par, but you may surprise yourself and, besides, homemade gifts are special and treasured for the time and thought you put into them.

Thanks for the inspiration, Erin! Reader, see more photos of Baloo's board book at The Indigo Bunting.

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