Homemade Removable Wall Graphics

Homemade Removable Wall Graphics

Richard Popovic
Mar 1, 2012

Wall graphics have quickly become a favorite accent for nurseries and children's rooms. But what do you do when you are not only on a budget but also live in a rental apartment and cannot permanently affix anything to the walls? You get creative and find inspiration wherever you can. Like in a duvet cover, for instance.

Sarah is currently living in a rental apartment in East Asia but that didn't stop her from making her son's room special. After taking inspiration from a similar project she saw online and cooking up some cornstarch glue (from a recipe she found here), Sarah got down to business:

I picked up a kid's duvet (Barnslig Djur) at Ikea for around $20, put my scissors to work, and created this scene on the wall. We are living in Asia, and I hadn't found any fabric that worked well for a boys room. When I saw this, I thought that using the animals would be perfect, and you can't beat the price for how much fabric you get out of it. The tree, made from the duvet's backside, was a last-minute inspiration. I took a general concept and worked with what I had as I went along until I was happy with the final product. Everything was cut from the duvet fabric, except for the big green leaves, which I cut from scraps out of the remnant basket.

Because I wanted the tree to work around the window and the crib, I pinned the entire piece of fabric up, sketched out the tree to fit the space, cut it and adhered it all in one fell swoop, taking out the pins from the wall as I went.

Now if I can just keep Jack from trying to peel them animals off the walls!

It looks great, Sarah! Brava!

(Image: Sarah H.)

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