Homemade Wizard Scrolls

Homemade Wizard Scrolls

One of the highlights of this kid's room in Portland was the hand-stained wizard scroll hanging on the gallery wall. Mother and daughter have a common love for old manuscripts and weathered maps, so they make them together. Here is the play by play from a recent addition to their ongoing "olde" collaboration.

Mom Julianna Bright is a musician and visual artist, so she has lots of cool tricks for working with paper.

Working together in their kitchen nook, the mother and daughter tea-stained paper before heading outside to burn the edges (Julianna reports that her daughter delightedly snaps to attention when allowed to handle grownup stuff, eager to do a great job). Once they made the paper look sufficiently old and weathered, they were ready to paint the scrolls. The beautiful results are perfect for play or display.

See more of the family digs here and check out Julianna's album and app for kids, the Cat Doorman Songbook & Little Red Wagon App.

(Images: Julianna Bright)

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