Hoodie Buddie: Headphones Hidden In the Drawstrings

Hoodie Buddie: Headphones Hidden In the Drawstrings

Julienne Lin
Sep 25, 2012

Back in college, some friends and I used to put the fuzzy drawstring ends of our sweaters into our ears and pretend we could listen to music through them during improv and film class exercises. I was surprised when a friend introduced me to Hoodie Buddie, a hooded sweatshirt that contains a standard headphone jack in the front pocket that plugs into any headphone-compatible device.

Along with the headphone jack, there are embedded cables within Hoodie Buddie that connect to the headphones, all built into the ends of the drawstrings.

Once you get a Hoodie Buddie, you reach into the front pocket and hook the headphone jack up to your MP3 player, smartphone or any listening device with a headphone jack. You then insert the ends of the drawstrings into your ears, and presto, you're listening to music on your sweater.

Styles for guys, girls and children are available in a variety of material selections like chambray, twill, terry and fleece, and come with extra earbud covers. Depending on the material, hoodies are categorized as supersoft, superlight and supercrisp. There's even a Hoodie Buddy HP3 T-shirt. These come with a built-in pocket to hold the headphone jack and cables. The earbuds come out from the collar of the shirt.

Another cool aspect is that you can throw your hoodie into a washing machine, headphones and all. Just set your machine on a cold water cycle, and hang your hoodie to dry once you're done.

(Images: HoodieBuddie.com)

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