Hope This Lightbulb Doorknob Doesn't Get Too Hot

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We don't know why there's all the sudden some attention for out-of-the-ordinary doorknobs. You might have seen this less-than-sanitary but always fun HotchPotch toy as doorknob option from AT Boston or the post about centrally-located doorknobs on AT SF. Well now Unplggd has a little knobby innovation for you: The Lightbulb as doorknob...

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Spotted at Yanko Design, the Knob Light by Jeong-Sun Park is a door knob with an internal generator that stores energy and illuminates the way.

Assuming that the thing is perfectly functional—the bulb actually does have some mysterious and tiny inner generator and is LED so it doesn't get hot—while the form factor is something to get used to, we thing the function is actually a great innovation.

This would be the kind of thing that's perfect for a bathroom door to guide house guests (or your drunk self) down a dark hallway to the room they need the most.