Hose Envy: Oh, To Have A House!

Hose Envy: Oh, To Have A House!

Tess Wilson
Aug 20, 2012

This week, I'm lucky enough to be staying with someone who has a proper, real-life house. It boasts a fireplace, a washer and dryer right in the house (for real! Have you guys heard about this?), and a vegetable garden that can keep even a vegaholic like me fed. However, the feature that I might envy the most is the humble garden hose outside…

A hose and a place to spray it might not seem ultra-luxurious, but imagine trying to clean off muddy boots or a coffee-grounds-splattered trash can in an apartment. I'm forever using my shower and sink in ways they were not intended or designed to be used, and I can tell you the results are less than satisfying. During my stay here, I've scrubbed and rinsed my oft-used yoga mat, my hiking boots, a cool old wooden box that was covered in cobwebs and such, the kitchen compost bucket, and my muddy sandals. At home, all of these attempts would have resulted in half-assed disasters, with slightly less dirty boots and a significantly more dirty bathroom.

Do you share my wish for a simple and simply wonderful garden hose with which to spray off your thrift store purchases and sandy shoes? Or is there some other taken-for-granted item that you'd love to have? Dream small!

(Image: Sunset Magazine via 8 Cool Storage Ideas For The Garden Hose)

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