Hot House: Alison Kleinman, Meredith Jenks & Daniel Clauzier

Hot House: Alison Kleinman, Meredith Jenks & Daniel Clauzier

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 15, 2008

Title: Juan's Childhood Home
Photographer: Alison Kleinman
Description: This past June, my boyfriend and I went down to his childhood town of Taylor, Texas. It wasn't my first trip, but it was the first time I purposely brought my old Olympus and some film and spent a whole day driving around a town that could take about an hour to walk its entirety. I snapped this one of my boyfriend's childhood home during the "golden hour." It was about 100 degrees on average while I was there and his parents insisted on sitting in steaming the garage with a fan blowing, instead of inside the air conditioned house.

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Title: Nana
Photographer: Meredith Jenks
Link: //
Description: My Grandmother lived on the Jersey Shore up until a year ago. In the town she grew up in, Seagirt, people are buying the old beautiful beach houses and bulldozing them to put up "McMansions" in their place. We came home from dinner one night and her neighbor of 50 years' house was being demolished. Im so glad I had my camera on me.

Title: Lyons, August 2007
Photographer: Daniel Clauzier
Link: //
Description: Taken in a friend's former apartment in the historical center of Lyons, France. I was interested, as always, in the different reflections and refractions of light and the high contrasts of a hot summer day.




This year we are going to change themes more often. Our third theme is Hot House. Drawing from this theme we hope you will submit more pictures for us to feature each Friday.

Here are the ground rules for 2008:

1. The title of of the picture must relate to the word "Hot House" (you may define that any way you like)
2. The picture should relate to the concept of home (you may define that any way you like)

This is our weekly celebration of ACCESSIBLE photography, which means beautiful artwork that you can actually hang on your wall tonight.

We're happy to be doing it with our friends Marty Weiss and Hannah Wallace. who are curating pics from Meter Gallery. Reader submissions will be posted bi-weekly and Meter will be in between. That means it a full on amateur and professional show!

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